MediaArchitecture - Using Information and Media as Construction Material



Information and Computer Technology (ICT) is weaving into the fabric of our city and becomes a pervasive medium, which accompanies our daily life. New mediums such as public displays and media fašades expand the range of technology already part of the city. They also become more interactive and researchers investigate alternative uses of these technologies, which lie beyond efficiency. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researchers turned their interest from information displays towards more playful applications, which foster social interaction or strengthen identification with the city. Often interface designs for public displays or media architecture focused on directly accessing information provided by them, but forgot about what happens in front of the screen while the information is consumed. Does it enliven the situation? Is it preventing social interaction? In this book information is considered as constructional material on a par with traditional building materials. This emphasizes the responsibility in what way technology should be applied in our cities. Providing information access through a specific system design changes public behavior. This is similar to designing a public square. Designed in a right way it can provide the basis for a vibrant place, but done wrong it can also turn a space into a deserted area. However, little is known about how these situated interfaces shape public space. Defining and making space is the task of urban designers and architects, but as HCI invents novel types of interfaces for the urban environment, spatial thinking as well as understanding the different types of values for public spaces becomes necessary for this research domain.

The chapter "Media Architecture for Shared Encounters" points out the difference between Ubiquitous and Urban Computing in contrast to Urban HCI thinking and illustrates those with the help of reviewing case studies from academic research projects.


Patrick Tobias Fischer and Eva Hornecker. Media Architecture for Shared Encounters. In: Alexander Wiethoff, Heinrich Hu▀mann (Eds.) Media Architecture. Using Information and Media as Construction Material. de Gruyter, Berlin/Boston, Age of Acess Series Vol. 8. 2017. pp. 5-23